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Sophomore Album
Type: Album/EP
Label: Island Records
Release Date: October 2016
Status: Recording
Ice Age: Collision Course
Type: Feature Film
Role: Peaches
Status: Finished
Release Date: In Theaters Now!
Scream Queens
Type: TV Show
Role: ZayDay Williams
Network: Fox
Airing: This Fall
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Hey guys welcome back to the site after a long hiatus. I’m very sorry that we were gone for along… time! I am still working on the site and pages. So bare with me! 🙂 I’m also still working on the elites. Well other that that we have this AWESOME summer layout that Shawn Corson made for us. I think he did an awesome job! Let me know what you guys think. Also we have a brand new gallery theme made by Kaci. You can check it out on the navigation or clicking here: Images Again Thank You to all the visitors that visit the site.

More information coming tomorrow regarding Keke’s single and Mixtape news. Also remember to follow Keke @kekeinaction

2 responses to “Welcome back visitors!”

  1. Anthony Hale says:

    We like the new website, did u ever get finished with our layout, and check out our new look at WE HOPE U LIKE IT, Later we are gonna update it all soon after Keke’s mixtape/sophmore album is released!!!

  2. Marvin says:

    Wow! It looks awesome!

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