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Name: Lauren Keyana Palmer (Keke Palmer)
Age: 21 Years Old
Birthday: August 26th 1993
Birth Place: Robbins, Il.
Resides: California

• Keke has 3 siblings Loreal (Older), Lawrencia & Lawrence II(Younger; Twins)
• Not only does Keke have twin siblings, but both her mother and her father also has a twin!
• Keke’s first song she learned to sing was a gospel song called Oh How I Love Jesus at 5 years old.

• She was only 10 years old when she shoot The Wool Cap and was found in a nationwide search.
• When she did Barber Shop 2 she was only 9 years old, but turned 10 while on the set.
• She was a finalist on American Juniors.
• She appeared on Cold Case™ after living in LA for ONLY 9 days!
• Her favorite role she played so far was Lou, in The Wool Cap
• She had a chance to meet Raven, and said she was so excited she was shaking and could hardly speak.

• When she sang for Queen (Latifah that is), she called her a full package.
• She’s the youngest person ever nominated for the SAG award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.
• She likes surprises!
• Her best birthday was when she turned 7 years old, she had a party at Chuck E Cheese.
• With her first check she bought her a laptop computer, then she got an even better one.
• Keke’s mother was a high school teacher (communications & special education)

• Her Father has a degree in Theology but works in Polyurethane Sales
• Acting debut was in Barber Shop 2
• Her parents has been married for 21 years, they met in college
• Parents are former actors for the Black Ensemble Theater
• Her oldest sister Loreal started calling her Keke when she was a baby and the name stuck.
• She enjoys giving manicures.

• Record Label: Interscope Records
• TV Show: Moesha, Fresh Prince, Degrassi and Disney Channel!
• Celebrity: She loves Brandy!
• Food: Bacon Cheeseburger with fries
• Music: R&B, Hip Hop and Pop
• Colors: White, pink, purple, orange and baby blue

• Movies: Mean Girls and Wish Upon A Star
• Trend: Designer handbags (Coach, Gucci)
• Sports: Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer
• Hobbies: Double Dutch, Shopping, Talking on the phone, going to the movies with friends, playing SIMS 2 and other computer games and traveling.
• Books: The Bailey School Kids