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Label: Island Records
Release Date: October 2016
Status: Recording
Ice Age: Collision Course
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Role: Peaches
Status: Finished
Release Date: In Theaters Now!
Scream Queens
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Role: ZayDay Williams
Network: Fox
Airing: This Fall
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“SO UNCOOL”//Debut Album
September 2007 (Atlantic Records)

1. Keep It Movin’ – Featuring Big Meech
2. The Game Song
3. Footwurkin’

All Songs
1. Keep It Movin’ – Featuring Big Meech
2. The Game Song
3. Music Box
4. First Crush
5. Friend Me Up
6. How Will I Know
7. Footwurkin’
8. Rainbow
9. Bottoms Up
10. Skin Deep
11. Wake Up Call
12. Hood Anthem


“Jump In!”//Soundtrack
January 2007 (Disney)

1. It’s My Turn Now
2. Jumpin’


“Night At The Museum”//Soundtrack

December 2006

1. Tonight