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Sophomore Album
Type: Album/EP
Label: Island Records
Release Date: October 2016
Status: Recording
Ice Age: Collision Course
Type: Feature Film
Role: Peaches
Status: Finished
Release Date: In Theaters Now!
Scream Queens
Type: TV Show
Role: ZayDay Williams
Network: Fox
Airing: This Fall
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Hey guys i hope you guys like the temporary layout for Keke Daily. This is the first layout I made for the site since September 2009. Please comment and tell us what you think about the new layout! At Keke Daily you now can check our tweets out, youtube, you can translate the site, and more! I would like to thanks Rossi for coding it for us! This layout will be up untill the Keke’s single is released and then we will be changing the layout 😉 Also more things to come to the site! As you see on the sidebar we will be having a monthly magazine and that will come out this week!

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The video posted above Keke talks about her new upcoming New Album with CleVVer TV She also discusses how she write songs and recording process. Make sure you guys watch it above! Its really enjoyable. 🙂

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Im am excited to announce that Keke Daily is holding a Seventh Birthday Project for Keke! Over the last few years we’ve watch Keke grow into a young adult. At this project fans will be able to tell Keke how much she means to them and wish her a Happy Birthday! Please EVERYONE submit your Videos/Messages because I will be sending them to Keke’s mom on the day before her Birthday! I want to thank all the fans who visit this site regularly and please tell your family and friends about this site! To go to the project click the image above 😉

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Hey guys, it Jordan. Keke Daily will be having a new layout in the next couple of weeks supporting Keke’s new album and single. I worked very hard on the layout and Its the FIRST layout I have designed for the site since September 2009. So im real happy I designed the next layout. I hope you guys love it. Well below are some of the new things will be doing and adding to the site.

* A Lyrics Section
* New avatars, signatures, fanstuff, etc
* Birthday Project coming soon.
* Media Center
* New Layout
* Contests
* Forum (more details late)

So stick tune for all these new things coming this summer!!! Im very excited!!!!!! 😀

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I have added 5 HQ pictures of Keke Palmer attending the 2010 BET Awards last night. Keke looks gorgeous in these pictures with her silver dress. CLICK HERE to check out all the pictures of Keke attending the BET awards. Also I only have 5 pictures right now, but well be adding more in the future! 🙂

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Hey guys,

Today we start the final stages of choosing my first single ! This is extremely important because it sets the tone for the entire album, do you lead with a uptempo dance song, a mid-tempo , or a big ballad?

I say lead with the song that will excite your fans and leave them wanting to hear more good music, but sometimes the artist and the label have different views on what the first song should be…..I remember when I was 13 on Atlantic Records and I said I wanted my first single to be , ” Bottoms Up”, and NOBODY was on my side, that song turned out to be the biggest song that was never released or played on the radio, but I knew in my heart what kids my age wanted to hear, and I am very optimistic that this time around artist and label will be on the same page.

Thank you all for supporting me and patiently waiting for this album!

Have A Great Day !

Much Love Ya’ll,

Keke P.

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