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• x18 – Seventeen Magazine Photoshoot

Hey guys! Just thought I would let you know we have uploaded EXCLUSIVES from Keke’s shoot with Seventeen Magazine back in 2009. She looks absolutely stunning. On a side not if you have any images or things you would like to donate to the site email us at

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Hey guys Keke blogged from her official site. She talks about leaving to Atlanta to shoot her new movie Joyful Noise. Its exciting to see her branch out and do more films.

Hey guys,

Today we are having a big family dinner, I leave for Atlanta on Tues to start filming Joyful Noise and will be gone for a few months. I will be doing a chat on ustream tomorrow for my fans.
I will miss the twins they are so funny, and my friends we are all going out together Monday night before I leave. I hate to go because I will miss them both, but I love to film movies and tour with my music , being away is just part of the business, it is a huge sacrifice.

I constantly receive letters from fans saying they want to act or sing, but first they have to ask themselves,

“Am I ready to be away from my friends and family for months at a time”…….it’s hard, but I absolutely love what I do and am thankful to God for the opportunity, ATL here I come !

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First off me and and the other staffers at Keke Daily would like to wish you a Happy New Years! We hope you have a great year full of love and fun.

My New Year resolution is to finish my album, lol, and to stop biting my nails, I make that one every year! I start off good, but then I go right back soon after, this year will be different…..what is your New Year resolution?

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Keke posted this video today of her and her siblings singing “This Christmas“. They are such a talented family. Also make sure you stay posted to the site we will be having so many exciting things coming up for the new year.

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