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Sophomore Album
Type: Album/EP
Label: Island Records
Release Date: October 2016
Status: Recording
Ice Age: Collision Course
Type: Feature Film
Role: Peaches
Status: Finished
Release Date: In Theaters Now!
Scream Queens
Type: TV Show
Role: ZayDay Williams
Network: Fox
Airing: This Fall
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Keke Daily started when I (Jordan “Owner”) was wanting to make a fansite for Keke Palmer once Tareyah’s site “Keke Palmer Online” was closed in 07. At first I didnt know anything about HTML coding, so I made the fansite on Pagii. The site was launched on January 28, 2008. The site was doing really good on Pagii and we had alot of visitors, but as time went on I wanted to expand my site to make it bigger. So I worked on learning how to code with HTML and designing layouts. Later on Mykey (Co-Owner) decided to join the site, helping with updates and graphics. We soon moved to various hosts, until 2011 where we changed are domain to and changed are name to Keke Daily. We are now proudly hosted by Flaunt.Nu.